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Honey & the 45s’ new EP, “MAD”, features seven songs that all turn standard love-and-longing narratives on their heads.

It’s fresh, and it’s powerful.

The rest of the songs – all written by the band – offer similar surprises, providing unexpected angles on points of view we only expected we knew.

As whip smart as the lyrics are, the music itself is even better.

Honey & the 45s combine the low-fi sonics of eighties punk, the gorgeous rolling cadences of seventies R&B, and the infectious hooks of sixties pop.

Front woman Kristina … Cottone’s voice rides all the varied rhythms with confidence, sass and just the right touch of ironic sexiness. 

With lyrics like that, you know that you’re in fairly literary hands.

Smart girls, it’s clear, just plain do it better.

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Honey and the 45s are a soulful and funky band who breathe new life into jazz

MAD, the latest release from Honey and the 45s, is a soulful and electric EP that will get heads bobbing and the audience dancing

While the band plays music that was popular decades ago, they have a way of making the genres of jazz, funk, and blues sound fresh and completely new, as if the band is introducing each style to their audience for the first time.

its sultry funkiness draws you in from the beginning, and as we listen to the song we realize how soulful the band is as a group

they have a way of making the genres of jazz, funk, and blues sound fresh and completely new, as if the band is introducing each style to their audience for the first time.

While every cut on Mad has a different side to it, every tune is exceptional.                     

While Chicago has a strong jazz scene with the likes of songstresses such as Elaine Dame, Honey and the 45s are another solid addition to Chicago’s vibrant jazz scene.

With their smooth and silky vocals, they smooth out the tunes rougher edges to make the track sizzle and sparkle

Pop Dose

Mad is a smooth mixture of soulfulness, funky grooves and Americana (quite an achievement) with great production and skill.  This five-piece is steered by the sweet-dripping vocals of Kristina Cottone and the on-the-one harmonies of violinist/saxophonist Kim Kozel.  For a band that’s only been together for a few years, they sound like they’ve been mastering their craft and living their songs for a decade or two.

What makes this e.p. so enjoyable is the quality of the songs and the performances.  All of the tracks have feel and depth and the musicianship is stellar.  This isn’t some by-the-numbers thing; there’s a lot of heart in this band’s music.  Which gives them that certain something – and Honey & The 45’s have it.  So by all means – get Mad.

Nanobot Rock Reviews, January 2015

Their latest release, MAD, is all the glory of jazz at heart but has sass that will make you walk with a little swagger when listening.

Mix edgy jazz with strong bass licks and slick guitar licks while glazing it all in sensational vocals in a sound that is very hard to come by these days.

It is quite difficult to not be entranced in the unreal qualities of Honey & the 45s.

If they continue to produce even a percentage of the sound they achieved with Mad there is nothing that can hold this band back. I can’t think of a better record to kick of the year.

Chicago Now; Chicago At Night

[Honey & the 45's album MAD] is a stellar set of seven songs that seamlessly weaves genres like rock, soul, jazz and blues, ultimately telling the story of a passionate group that wants more than just success.

Floorshime Zipper Boots

Lead by powerful vocals, with some nice raw backing instrumentals, the band delivers a compelling record that is great from start to finish.


South Side On The Town

“Hot rhythmic soul and energy”

“This local band, known for its " your face ...original ...groovy..." sound, featured a whole lot of feminine hotness and a solid variety of music fusion ranging from soul/R&B to Chicago Blues and some country/rockabilly ...under one excitable performance that had many dancing in front of the stage.”

“This reviewer had a fun time groovin' to the funky vibe of this multi-talented band.”

Nanobot Rock Reviews

If there has ever been a chance to reignite the sound of the Chicago underground, the time is now. And who better to lift that veil then Honey & the 45s? Old souls in a fresh mentality, Honey & the 45s croon out funk, jazz/blues that bleeds with retro style but feels very, very new. The Windy City based five-piece is more than simply a band trying to make their sound and move ahead in the music world. Their ability to embody the essential life-force of their music, laid out by the generations before them, and play it seemingly effortlessly has me convinced these five are for real.”



Chicago Acoustic Underground podcast

"Wow! What a Band! Just beautiful. You guys are wonderful"

North by Northwestern: culture in the 312

"Kristina Cottone and Kim Kozel, two-thirds of a folks and blues band titled Snow on Sunday, were the first to perform. The two began strumming their respective instruments, guitar and violin. With breath-taking harmonizations of both voices and instruments."

Chicago Stage Review

"Singer and guitarist Kristina Cottone gave the crowd a couple of sultry numbers, with a sound one part Taj Mahal and one part Jewel-before-she-sucked."